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MicroEnviMet Meeting

The next MEM meeting will be held at the Biomedicum Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland on October 6-8, 2011

Understanding and fighting metastasis. Micro-Environment and Metastasis
The MICROENVIMET project proposes innovative approaches for building a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between cancer cells and their microenvironment both at primary and secondary sites. The objectives are to identify molecular pathways involved in the regulation of metastatic dissemination to lung, liver, lymph node and bone. To achieve these objectives, the original experimental approach proposed is to modulate the production/activity of proteases or their inhibitors. Proteases are now recognized as key regulators of a complex network of interacting molecules that modulate the properties of cancer cells and their microenvironment. The project is intended to identify key molecular pathways underlying early steps of metastatic dissemination by interfering with the protease network and studying the impact of such experimentally manipulated microenvironment on metastasis formation. In addition to identifying key regulators of metastasis, we aim at developing blocking antibodies towards these new candidates, with efficacy for therapeutic intervention, by using the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies. The study of cancer stem cells will be integrated into current concepts that consider and attempt to explain the importance of the microenvironment during cancer progression. The 9 academic participants will combine expertise in genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, in vivo imaging, transgenic mice, mouse models of metastasis, genetic manipulation of transplantable tumor cells, computerized image analysis, virus-mediated gene transfer, phage display and production of neutralizing antibodies. This consortium will facilitate shared access to a new microRNA platform, innovative technologies, human tumor tissue banks, in vivo and in vitro models mimicking different steps of metastatic dissemination, as well as know how in tumor-host cell interplay, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, cancer stem cell biology and generation of database.

Consortium members
2.University of Helsinki, Finland 8.Finsen Laboratory, Danemark 1.University of Liege, LBTD, GIGA-Cancer, Belgium 6.CNRS - University of Sophia Antipolis, France 5.University of Oviedo, Spain 3.University of Torino, Italy 9.Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia 7.Freiburg University Hospital, Germany 4.Technical University of Munchen, Germany

Partner 1 : University of Ličge, LBTD, GIGA-Cancer, Belgium (Pr. A. Noel, Coordinator)
Partner 2 : University of Helsinki, Finland (Prof Kari Alitalo & Dr Pirjo Laakanen)
Partner 3 : University of Torino, Italy (Prof Paolo Comoglio et Prof Carla Boccaccio)
Partner 4 : Technical University of Munchen, Germany (Prof Achim Krüger)
Partner 5 : University of Oviedo, Spain (Prof Carlos López-Otín)
Partner 6 : CNRS - University of Sophia Antipolis, France (Prof Pascal Barbry & Dr Bernard Mari)
Partner 7 : Freiburg University Hospital, Germany (Prof Thomas Reinheckel)
Partner 8 : Finsen Laboratory, Danemark (Prof. Gunilla Hřyer-Hansen & Prof. Niels Behrendt)
Partner 9 : Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia (Prof Boris Turk & Dr Olga Vasiljeva)

Work Package description
WP1 Tumor cells and cancer stem cells in the context of metastasis
WP2 The microenvironment in primary tumor
WP3 The pre-metastatic niche
WP4 Anti-metastatic therapy in transgenic cancer models
WP5 Integration and management of microarray information
WP6 Dissemination of results for clinical implications
WP7 Project Management

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